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Rejuvenate Your Retirement®

Now that you’re retired (or very close to retirement), your financial decisions are more important than ever. Whether your objective is to become more active or give your life a new sense of purpose or make more informed financial decisions, Rejuvenate Your Retirement® has something for everyone. Rejuvenate Your Retirement® blends life planning activities with time-tested financial strategies to help you make the most of your retirement.

This course includes a financial planning and retirement workbook. The examples, illustrations, and checklists in your book make it easy to understand the concepts discussed in class, provide a step-by-step process to apply what you learn, and serve as a convenient reference tool after the course is complete.

Upcoming Rejuvenate Your Retirement® Courses

Retire Ready Workshop

This workshop gives you the facts you need in order to realize the retirement of your dreams.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself from the 4 most common “retirement killers”: mismanaged social security, unprotected health care expenses, stock market declines, and unexpected taxes. You’ll also learn the smart, safe way to max out your social security benefits and claim back as much of your hard-earned cash as possible – after all, you’re the one who worked for that money!

The fact is that what used to work for baby boomers in retirement no longer works. Our lives have changed, and the world of finance is not the same as it was even 10, 15 years ago. It’s important you understand these changes to get the retirement you want. My goal is for you to leave the workshop feeling confident that you know exactly what to do around Social Security and your retirement.

Upcoming Retire Ready Workshops